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Systems Certification

At Intertek, we do more than just issue certificates. We understand that to be successful, your organization must earn its certification in the most efficient manner possible. We can provide the services as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, all while adding value to your products and processes.

As you prepare for initial certification, we’ll be sure you have a complete understanding of the requirements you must meet, the resources and time you should allocate, and the common pitfalls others have faced and overcome. During certification our expert, professional auditors will work with you to ensure that you fully understand the audit methodology, helping you avoid the loss of production or efficiency. And as you maintain your certification, our relevant industry experience translates into your ability to leverage best practices for continual improvement.

From multi-divisional corporations to smaller entrepreneurial firms, clients all over the world have experienced the benefits of our expertise and our reputation for accuracy, integrity and confidentiality. With Intertek as your partner, you can unlock the full potential of your management system and be prepared to meet your challenges head-on. 

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