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Bicycles & Sporting Goods

We provide fast, efficient and accurate product testing services, helping you ensure that your products meet the global standards, gain a valuable competitive edge, and get your products into global markets faster.

People are becoming more health conscious and put increasing value on their leisure time. Bicycles and sporting goods, hence, have been gradually introduced to average families. In addition to product functions and performance, consumer concerns over product quality and safety are escalating. Many countries have strengthened product safety standards to meet consumers’ expectation. To cope with increasingly complex regulations and standards, manufacturers face bigger challenges ever. How to avoid violation of regulations resulting in business lost and reputation damage is crucial for you when expanding global business.

Using our state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, Intertek Taiwan delivers comprehensive and independent third-party testing and certification services for bicycles and sporting goods, helping you ensure that your products meet expectations for industry safety, regulatory, quality, and performance standards. We help you gain competitive advantage and get your products into your target markets faster.

We provide comprehensive testing and certification services for:

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