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Intertek’s Total Quality Expertise supporting Exporters and Importers to comply with the Customs Clearance requirements for Bangladesh

News Date:2022.01.26

Regulated products and machinery which are being exported to Bangladesh are subject to mandatory pre-shipment inspection and quality verification in the country of export.

Economic Life certificate and any other required certificates must be issued by a qualified inspection agency such as Intertek. This is a requirement of the Bangladesh Customs’ cargo clearance procedure.

These certificates and reports enable smooth Customs clearance for the Importer and show they are in line with the existing Import Regulations. Importers will be allowed to unload the concerned goods only after the fulfillment of relevant health certificates and other Customs procedures which are carried out after arrival at the port of clearance.

Intertek is able to assist exporters and importers in complying with these requirements and is one of the international accredited and reputed inspection and testing companies to help achieve the mandatory compliance from the country of export.

To find out more of the import requirements and other solutions to facilitate customs clearance and market entry in Bangladesh contact us at gsapac.twn.info@intertek.com or call +886 2 6602 2888 #796. 

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