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Electrical Safety Testing

Intertek is a global leader in the testing, inspection, and certification of electrical and electronic products. We offer expert third-party testing to almost any product safety standard for North America, EU, or Asia Pacific.

Currently Intertek can offer below service fields and products locally with reasonable cost and faster lead-time.

  • ITE Field: Information technology equipment and communication, power supply, audio/video, battery and TCO products.
  • HAE Field: Home appliance, home entertainment, sports, traditional and LED lighting products.
  • PV and related Industry: PV inverter, micro inverter, PV module, Solar thermal, UPS, laser power, LED power and IPXX test products.

Accreditation and Agreement

Intertek has been accredited by many domestic and foreign certification authorities and also signed mutual recognition agreements with other certification bodies in order to provide international certification services locally. Our lab quality system complies with ISO 17025.

We have obtained the following accreditations:

  • TAF - Taiwan Accreditation Foundation
  • CBTL - CB Testing Laboratory
  • SAA - Approved testing laboratory of Australian Department of Fair Trading
  • OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration, US Department of Labor
  • ETL/NYCE - Issuing unit for Maxico NOM Mark certification
  • IRAM - Issuing unit for Argentine certification
  • SII - Issuing unit for Israel certification
  • KUCAS - Issuing unit for Kuwait certification
  • NRCS - Issuing unit for South African SABS certification
  • KEBS - Issuing unit for Kenya KEBS certification
  • SONCAP - Issuing unit for Nigeria SONCAP certification

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Global Certifications

Intertek's electrical product safety testing and certification services can give you access to certification marks or documentation, such as:

Testing facility and service scopes

Intertek is fully equipped in order to deal with any testing and certification demands, as follows:

  • ITE products testing equipment
  • Audio/ Video products testing equipment
  • Battery products testing equipment
  • Lighting products testing equipment
  • Household appliance testing equipment
  • Sports goods testing equipment
  • Telecom network overvoltage tester
  • Laser power testing equipment
  • Water resistance testing equipment (for European and American regulations)
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Power supply testing equipment
  • Commercial and industrial use products testing equipment
  • Electromagnetic field testing equipment (EMF)
  • X-ray measurement
  • Energy consumption testing equipment
  • Plug test equipment

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