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Testing, certification and qualification services to the Global Automotive and Related Industries.

Intertek provides a wide range of quality and certification services dedicated to the Automotive Industry. Our global network of certification experts and modern laboratories offer fast, efficient and professional services. As a partner, we provide you with responsive, flexible and local services combined with a world class expertise and resources.

Intertek’s services include supply chain management, design, materials research, regulatory compliance, performance testing, quality control, failure analysis and more. Clients range from raw materials suppliers and component manufacturers to final production companies and vehicle end-of-life service providers. Intertek improves the performance, quality, efficiency and safety of engines, electronics, powertrains, plastics and other major components and products used in the automotive industry. Intertek locations are strategically placed around the world to provide regional and international support to clients.

Intertek Automotive Services in Taiwan include:

Automobile Parts Certification

Quality System Verification

  • Facility Assessments
  • Production Process Review
  • Quality System Documentation Review
  • Quality Seminars


Part Verification

  • Product In-process and Pre-ship Inspections for
    - Appearance
    - Dimensional Tolerances
  • Warehouse Audits for
    - Appearance
    - Packaging
  • Witness Testing
    - Performance


Automotive Lighting

  • Advisory Services for
    - FMVSS108
    - SAE Standards
    - Test Fixture Design
  • Photometric Witness Testing

Other Services:

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