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Intertek provides safety and performance certification services to nationally recognized standards for a wide range of electric, gas, and oil-fueled products. These products range from commercial/consumer appliances to HVAC equipment to manufactured wood products. Items listed in our online directories will bear one of the ETL Listed, ETL Verified, S, GS, ASTA, BEAB or Warnock Hersey Listed Marks.

This information listed in the directories is subject to the Certification agreement between Intertek and its Client. Intertek's responsibility and liability are limited to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Intertek assumes no liability to any party, other than to the Client in accordance with the agreement, for any loss, expense or damage occasioned by the use of this information. Use of the Intertek name or its Certification marks for the sale or advertisement of the tested material, product or service must first be approved in writing by Intertek. Initial Factory Assessments and Follow up Services are for the purpose of assuring appropriate usage of the Certification mark in accordance with the agreement, they are not for the purposes of production quality control and do not relieve the Client of their obligations in this respect.

ETL Listed Mark
Any product bearing this mark has been tested and meets the minimum requirements of prescribed product safety standards for North America.



GS Mark
Products bearing the GS Mark have been tested and proven to meet the minimum requirements of German Equipment and Product Safety Act (a.k.a. GPSG).


S Mark
Products bearing the S Mark have been tested and proven to meet the minimum requirements of prescribed and harmonized European Union product safety standards. 


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