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Certification Marks

Certification marks are evidence that a product conforms to applicable standards, and that there is a program of ongoing factory inspections. For more than 100 years, Intertek has guided its clients through the challenging certification process, making it faster, simpler and more efficient. In most markets, conformity to local requirements is mandatory before products can be sold. In other instances, it can be a powerful marketing tool that helps build confidence throughout distribution and end-user channels. Click the links below for more information on our global marks and certifications. 
ETL Listed Mark

Intertek’s ETL Mark is a safety mark which is recognised all over North America. It indicates that your product has been tested by an accredited third party testing laboratory, and meets the applicable safety standards and minimal requirements for sale or distribution within North America.

ETL has been around for over 100 years - the original Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) being founded by Thomas Alva Edison in 1896. 

GS Mark
The GS Mark is a voluntary safety mark which is highly regarded and valued by German consumers and manufacturers alike. Many consumers see the GS Mark as proof of quality. Research has shown that German consumers are ready to pay a higher price if there is a strong certification mark on the product. That is where the GS Mark can become valuable for you.

Intertek accredited by the German government
Any electrical, mechanical or electro-mechanical product bearing the GS Mark has been tested to, and complies with, the minimum requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (a.k.a. GPSG). The GS Mark (GS stands for Geprüfte Sicherheit – ‘Safety Tested’) is a licensed mark of the German government and may only be issued by an accredited product safety testing and certification agency. Intertek is one of the most well-known providers of GS certificates in Asian countries.
S Mark
The S Mark, exclusively provided by Intertek, is a symbol of electrical safety and evidence to your clients that Intertek has independently tested and certified your product’s compliance to applicable European safety requirements.
Consumers and retailers want to feel confident that the products they purchase are safe. As brands become more interchangeable, and since CE marking is self-declared and does not require independent testing, marks from impartial testing companies, such as the S Mark, become increasingly important since they convey the safety customers are looking for.


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