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ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 enables your organisation to work toward a greener environmental footprint.  

The ISO 14001 standard is the internationally recognised that provides practical tools for organisations to manage their environmental responsibilities. It can help any organisation, regardless of its activity or sector, map a framework that they can use to develop a competitive environmental management system. It is an effective means for identifying and systematically reducing potentially harmful impacts on the environment.

ISO 14001 focuses on improving environmental performance rather than improving the management system. The Environmental Management Systems standard stresses leadership’s engagement and a need to understand the context of ISO 14001 to better manage risk and promote environmental management.

ISO 14001 – Key elements

  • Strategic Environmental Management
  • Emphasis on leadership engagement
  • Focus on protecting the environment
  • Organisation’s environmental performance
  • Lifecycle thinking
  • Communication both internally and externally
  • Systems documentation

The Environmental Management Systems standard can provide assurance to company management, employees and external stakeholders that potential environmental impacts are being measured and improved.

Intertek’s global network of customer-focused auditors and technical experts are uniquely qualified to help you meet the increasingly competitive market challenges and regulatory requirements for compliance.

Partner with us and gain the confidence of knowing that you have solid, effective environmental processes in place. 

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