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Carrier Certification Testing

We offer certification pretests for Verizon Wireless and official test for US Cellular to shorten your time to market

Intertek US is a certified lab for Verizon Wireless, USCC and T-Mobile. Every operator has its own specific requirements for the devices using their network. Base on the testing experience of Intertek US, Intertek Taiwan also provides the Carrier certification pretests/official test  and project handling to make the complicated certification process to be easy and efficiency for all customers. Intertek is your best choice for Carrier Homologation.

US Cellular official test
Intertek TW is approved to execute below standards for USCC certification:

  • USCC Data Throughput Test Plan
  • USCC LTE Supplementary RF Conformance

Verizon Pre-testing
Intertek TW is capable to provide below pre-testing services for Verizon certification:

  • LTE 3GPP Supplementary RF Conformance Test Plan
  • LTE SMS Test Plan
  • LTE IMS Registration and Retry Test Plan
  • LTE Data Retry Test Plan
  • LTE Suppl. Signaling Conformance Test Plan
  • LTE LTE Multi-Band Suppl. Signaling Conformance Test Plan
  • LTE Band13 Data Throughput
  • 5G NR FR1 Supp RF (Exclude OOB test)

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