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Pre-Shipment Inspection for Exports to the Philippines

Bulk or break bulk shipments of cargo that are destined for The Philippines now need an inspection for Quality, Quantity and Dutiable Value.

The Customs Authority of the Republic of The Philippines have approved new legislation which introduces fundamental changes to the importation procedures for bulk or break bulk shipments that are destined for The Philippines.

It is now mandatory for these shipments to undergo an inspection for Quality, Quantity and Dutiable Value at the port of origin by a surveying company approved by The Philippines Government. Intertek has been accredited by the Government of the Philippines as one of its approved surveying companies and can assist you in ensuring your shipments meet the necessary requirements and so take advantage of Advanced Clearance Procedures.

For assistance in exporting to the Philippines, contact your local Intertek office. If you are an Importer, please telephone our Philippines office at (632) 8682343/8364448.

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