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Chartered Engineers Certificate for Used Machinery Exported to India

If you are exporting used equipment or machinery to India you are required to obtain a Chartered Engineers Certificate (CEC), this is mandatory and must be issued before your goods are shipped.

Intertek are a world-renowned inspection and testing company experienced in issuing CEC’s by our fully qualified IEE and IMechE inspectors. Intertek offers a fast and accurate service and are accredited by the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade), which is a government organisation in India, responsible for the formulation of guidelines and principles for importers and exporters trading with India.

Intertek CEC inspectors will:

  • Undertake a physical inspection of machinery and equipment for assessment of condition, carried out within 4 days of receipt of request
  • Deliver reports and certificates within 4 days, which provide full details of the equipment’s original value, current value, the date of manufacture, serial number, details of any remedial work and the potential cost required to bring the equipment back to a good condition

Intertek works with many governments around the world to ensure that goods exported to their countries meet standards of safety and quality and also assists exporters to countries, such as India, to ensure compliance with these requirements and smooth customs clearance.

Contact us to see how Intertek can help your organization with Chartered Engineers Certificate for Used Machinery Exported to India.

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