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Certificate of Conformity for Exports to Algeria

Intertek is able to assist exporters to Algeria by offering inspection services to obtain the Certificate of Conformity also known as Certificate of Quality, Certificat de controle de qualite, which is required for all exports to Algeria.

In March 2011, the Algerian Ministry of Commerce published a note to all importers reminding them of the obligation to submit a proof of conformity by way of a certificate of conformity or certificate of quality for all exports to Algeria; this is to ensure that they meet legal and regulatory requirements that affect them.

This obligation is enforced by law 09-03, dated 25/02/2009, and decree 05-467 dated 12/12/2005, on conditions and procedures of conformity control of imported goods at customs.

Intertek can help exporters to Algeria in complying with this notice by offering inspection services to obtain the necessary Certificate of Conformity.

The required Certificate of Conformity can also be referred as the “Certificat de contrôle de qualité”. The original copy of the Certificate of Conformity is needed for every shipment and should be issued in the country of export. It is a mandatory document for Algerian Customs clearance.

How can I arrange an inspection?

Firstly, contact your local Intertek office, details can be found within the contact us section of the site.

One of our export consultants will go through the inspection requirements with you and supply you on the same day with a quote for the work with details of our terms and conditions.

You will then need to supply us with your export documents: these may include Certificate of Origin, Test Reports (if applicable), Letters of Credit, and the packing list.

Upon receipt, we will arrange with you a mutually convenient date, time and location for the inspection to be carried out. This can normally be arranged within a maximum of 48 hours of your initial call to us.

Your Certificate of Conformity will then be issued within a maximum of 24 hours of the inspection if the results are satisfactory.

Contact us to see how Intertek can help your organization with Certificate of Conformity for Exports to Algeria.

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