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Toys, Games, and Premiums Services

As the largest player in the toys, games, and premiums testing industry, with decades of experience, Intertek truly understands the challenges retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers are facing. Intertek can help safeguard your company’s reputation and products through our comprehensive product safety testing services.

The requirements for toy testing become increasingly stringent with every day that passes. Many countries have established their own safety regulations, such as CPSIA, GB, and EU Toy Directive for these items, and companies must ensure that their products comply with the relevant standards before their goods can be sold in these locations. Manufacturers have been held liable for injuries and fatalities resulting from design flaws, use of unsuitable materials, and substandard production.

Intertek laboratories have gained international accreditation from major industry associations and accreditation bodies, and our testing services are widely recognized by many governments and authorities. Intertek conducts toy and premiums testing in accordance with national and international principal toy safety requirements and standards, including:

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