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Accessory Testing

In response to ongoing regulatory changes and increasing expectations from consumers, it is essential for retailers and importers to assess and test their accessories to appropriate standards.

Intertek Taiwan tests components such as zips, linings, interlinings and buttons to assess your accessory’s performance before entering the manufacturing process. From tests for dry cleaning fastness, light and color fastness, water spotting, finish adhesion, and Veslic rubbing on finished garments and materials, our technical experts provide full evaluations for a wide range of items to ensure high quality, problem-free goods.

Tests include, but are not limited to:

Handbag Testing
The strength of straps and strap fastenings is an important consideration in the quality assessment of handbags and small luggage items. Intertek is able to carry out strength tests utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to assess the risk of strap failures, whether at fastenings (e.g. buckles) or where the strap is attached to the body of the item itself. In addition, a full range of color fastness tests and water spotting tests can be performed to measure the risk of color transfer to clothing, along with possible blistering of leather finishes when exposed to water.

Belt Testing
Intertek offers a comprehensive assessment of belts for labeling purposes, color fastness, and tarnishing of buckles and metal components. Whether composed of leather or fabric material, our experts test to clients’ requirements to ensure finished products are fit for consumer satisfaction.

Watch & Jewelry Testing
Sophistication starts with comprehensive performance testing and chemical testing in watch and jewelry products. Intertek labs not only ensure compliance with national and international standards, but provide prototype consultations, production and pre-shipment specifications, and other methodologies developed specifically for your quality accessories.

Sunglasses Testing
To shield consumers from harmful rays, Intertek helps manufacturers comply with international safety standards for non-prescription sunglasses and fashion eyewear. These include requirements under EN 1836 and ANSI Z80.3 depending on the export country. In addition, we provide tests for lens impact (ball drop), UV transmittance, and flammability. Materials of sunglasses and the paints are also required to comply with some chemical requirements, such as lead content, cadmium content, and nickel release, etc.

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