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Soft Home Furnishings Testing

As demand grows for high quality products and governmental regulations evolve, testing of soft home furnishings is essential to minimize risk and protect the interests of both soft home furnishing manufacturers and consumers. Intertek’s regulatory testing services (including new CPSIA regulations) support retailers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in the testing of soft home furnishings from cushions to mattresses.

We are accredited to test to a multitude of national and international standards. With an expansive network of 1,000 laboratories and offices in more than 100 countries, Intertek has unparalleled expertise on all global regulations to assist customers with new eco-friendly alternatives/certifications, care labeling instructions and more. Intertek offers the following testing solutions for soft home furnishings:
Fiber Identification - Intertek’s experienced technicians accurately identify fibers and fiber blends for customers who import soft home furnishings products into countries that require fiber identification labels that identify the fiber type and percentage of fiber components and use fiber composition to classify quota categories.

Feather and Down Testing - In many countries Intertek offers special feather and down testing for soft home furnishings to assess quantitative analysis, filling power, thermal properties, migration and penetration resistance.

Flammability Testing - It is important to note that soft home furnishings have flammability regulations that differ from the apparel regulations and to pay special attention to regulations established for upholstery, rugs and carpets.

Care Label Instructions - For countries that have mandatory or voluntary standards for care label instructions that apply to soft home furnishing products, Intertek conducts testing to determine the most appropriate consumer care conditions for the tested products, including:

  • Colorfastness to washing or dry cleaning
  • Dimensional stability
  • Appearance retention
  • Ironing, if needed

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