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Footwear Testing

Intertek offers an array of footwear solutions allowing retailers, manufacturers and importers to evaluate the essential properties of their footwear products across the supply chain. These solutions include testing, inspection, auditing, advisory, training, and quality assurance services.

Intertek's extensive test capabilities enable our clients to proactively evaluate their footwear at all stages of development and production. Testing the materials and components that make up the finished product, as well as evaluation of the complete shoe, results in reduced returns, improved quality, and enhanced customer loyalty and satisfaction, enhancing customer brands.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, Intertek tests for restricted and hazardous substances, ensuring your products comply with the latest standards and regulations. We offer fast service, helping you reduce time to market.

Our footwear services includes:

Physical testing

  • Flexing resistance
  • Abrasion test
  • Adhesion test
  • Heal attachment strength
  • Slip resistance
  • Color fastness

Chemical testing

  • Banned azo dyes
  • Heavy metals
  • Formaldehyde
  • Chromium VI content on leather
  • Organotin (MBT/DBT/TBT/TPhT/DOT…)
  • Dimethyl fumarate (DMFu)

Other services


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