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TCO Certification

Intertek streamlines your route to TCO certification by managing the required testing and handing of your certification through TCO Development.

The primary requirements of TCO certification concern the safety and health of employees and the environment, involving:

  • Visual ergonomics and image quality for displays
  • Magnetic and electrical field emission levels
  • Environmental management system for manufacturers, ISO 14001
  • Use of hazardous compounds such as brominated flame retardants or mercury and cadmium
  • Energy consumption and rapid restart after power down
  • Noise levels and chemical emissions

Intertek Taiwan is one of only a few organizations accepted by TCO Development and accredited by The Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC) to conduct testing and certification for all current Environmental Labeling Schemes, including TCO ’03 Displays, TCO ’06 Media Displays, TCO Displays 5, TCO Certified Notebooks, etc. In some of scopes Intertek can provide test reporting and verifications within two weeks of receiving samples.

The TCO scopes that Intertek can help you apply TCO certification, include:

  • TCO ’03 Displays
  • TCO ’06 Media Displays
  • TCO Displays 5
  • TCO certified Notebooks 3.0

The TCO certification procedure:

  1. Customers inquiring and application
  2.  Confirming Intertek quotation
  3. Preparation of application form, technical documents and testing samples
  4. TCO testing requirements and verifying ECO documents
  5. Intertek help customers to obtain TCO certification

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