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Recognized Certification Body (RCB)

Intertek Taiwan is an accredited Recognized Certification Body (RCB) for Taiwan's Telecommunications Authority (TA) to provide certification service for telecommunication equipments and any industrial, scientific and medical equipment to be used and sold in the Taiwan market.

According to Taiwan's Telecommunication Ordinance, all telecommunication equipment and any industrial, scientific and medical equipment emitting radio frequency energy intentionally that is used and sold in Taiwan must meet the minimum technical requirements prescribed in the Taiwan Telecommunication Equipment Evaluation and Certification Scheme's specifications for the purpose of electrical safety, prevention of interference and public network connection.

Intertek has had years of testing experiences for Radio Devices with accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025 in relation to EMC or telecommunications aspects. Our technical competence, knowledge and expertise to test and evaluate products have granted us the Recognized Certificate Body status with the Telecommunications Authority. Intertek is one of the few laboratories granted with this status to issue certificates under the Ordinance for the specific equipment or installation that complies with the prescribed specifications.

As a leading testing and certification body in Taiwan, Intertek is committed to fully support our clients and provide the most effective testing and certification services.

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