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Ingress Protection (IP) Testing Per IEC 60529 for Lighting Products

If your Lighting product is intended for Outdoor or Industrial Applications, Ingress Protection (IP) Testing per IEC 60529 is a great way to ensure that your enclosure will withstand the Moisture and Dust environments to which it may be subjected.

An independent report from Intertek can help you substantiate your IP marketing claims.

IP Rating Matrix:

First Number (Dust):

IP 0x - No Protection
IP 1x - Objects > 50mm
IP 2x - Objects > 12mm
IP 3x - Objects > 2.5mm
IP 4x - Objects > 1mm
IP 5x - Dust Protected (Vacuum)
IP 6x - Dust Tight

Second Number (Moisture):

IP x0 - No Protection
IP x1 - Vertically Dripping Water
IP x2 - 75 to 90 Degrees Dripping Water
IP x3 - Sprayed Water
IP x4 - Splashed Water
IP x5 - Water Jets
IP x6 - Powerful Water Jets
IP x7 - Effects of Immersion
IP x8 - Indefinite Immersion

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