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Taiwan Green Mark Services

Intertek Taiwan helps you rapidly obtain the Taiwan Green Mark for your products.

In order to promote green consumption, motivate consumers to buy environmental friendly products, and encourage manufacturers to design and supply green products, Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) launched the Taiwan Green Mark program in 1992. This program focuses on the concept of recycling, pollution reduction, and resource conservation. The Green Mark indicates that the product has been tested and meets basic energy-efficiency and other requirements under this program. In promotion of Taiwan Green Mark, the Article 96 of Government Procurement Act stipulates that the government agencies shall make preferential procurement of green products. The said preference may include a price preference of not exceeding ten percent.

The criteria for Taiwan Green Mark are set for 112 specifications under 14 categories, including IT products, home appliances, daily utilities, recycled and recyclable products, building materials, energy-saving products, etc.

Intertek Taiwan is accredited by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) and is the approved lab for Taiwan Green Mark testing. With sufficient experience in Taiwan Green Mark testing, our professional engineers provide accurate testing reports under strict quality assurance measure. We provide efficient and cost-effective service, helping you rapidly obtain the Taiwan Green Mark.

We provide Taiwan Green Mark testing service for the following products:

  • IT products: PC (System Unit), monitors, printers, monochromatic copy machines, recycled and refilled toner cartridges for printers, NBs, desktop personal computers, original toner cartridges, Multi-function devices, portable projectors and scanners, etc.
  • Recycled and recyclable products: Recycled fabric and its products, textile products made from recycled PET plastic and ink container casing, etc.
  • Home appliances: Clothes washers, household refrigerators and freezers, household air conditioners, dehumidifiers and household microwave ovens, etc.
  • Energy-saving products: Exit signs, etc.
  • Office appliances: Plain-paper facsimile machines and digital duplicators, etc.
  • Building materials: Water-based paints, oil-based paints and plastic pipes/tubes, etc.
  • Daily utilities: Mercury-free batteries, passenger cars and motorcycles, etc.
  • Industrial used products: Wires and cables, etc.


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