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Providing total end-to-end quality, safety and sustainability assurance across the entire hydrogen value chain, from the early stages of project feasibility & product design, hydrogen production, delivery and storage to end-use product compliance and certification. 

Hydrogen is increasingly viewed as a leading energy transition fuel providing a way to decarbonize industries and support greater efficiency within renewable energy sectors.  As the global hydrogen industry expands and develops, the safety and regulatory challenges facing commercialization of this technology become more critical for our customers.

Intertek Hydrogen provides customers with access to our unmatched expertise, pioneering energy innovations and global end-to-end risk-based quality, safety, and sustainability solutions that help them advance the hydrogen sector while successfully developing and executing hydrogen-based projects.

Today Intertek is pioneering hydrogen services and solutions for the entire hydrogen value-chain: 

  • Safety – assurance services to cover the safe production, handling and use of hydrogen.
  • Materials and Failure Analysis – expertise to provide assurance that your equipment and infrastructure will perform to the end of its design life with minimal maintenance, failure mitigation and with material strength prioritized and planned for.
  • Testing and Certification – comprehensive testing and certification of hydrogen re-fueling stations, hydrogen fuel components and systems, including Dispensing systems, Compression systems, Storage systems, Electrolysers, Chiller, Reformers, and Stationary Fuel Cell systems. Our bundled ETL, ATEX, and IECEx certifications allow for fast and efficient access to North America, Europe, Asia & 30 other potential markets.
  • Advisory Services – engineering, materials, regulatory and safety expertise to achieve success by preventing product failures and increasing your speed to market. Intertek supports our clients with product design guidance, document preparation, remaining life assessments, risk assessment, supply chain assurance and training.

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