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In order to bridge the gap between consumer goods buyers and suppliers, Intertek has developed Tradegood, an online marketplace where responsible buyers and trusted suppliers can get trusted information about their supply chain partners.

Today’s global supply chain environment is full of more questions than answers about the identity and capabilities of your partners, creating blind spots that obscure a clear view of your supply chain. Tradegood was developed to maximize supply chain visibility and minimize reputation risk through qualification and verification of both buyers and suppliers.

Tradegood provides buyers access to comprehensive information about participating suppliers, such as company profile, capabilities, quality compliance and reputational risk issues associated with social, environmental and security programs, while allowing suppliers to showcase their capabilities using a living profile system.

Tradegood Benefits for Buyers: 

  • Discover and connect with suppliers by accessing the database for screening and matching
  • Verified supplier information on everything you need to know, with detailed information on supplier qualification and credentials
  • Supply chain visibility with no blind spots, total clarity over every link in the chain

Tradegood Benefits for Suppliers: 

  • Connect with hundreds of global buyers anywhere, any time to get discovered and matched with trusted retailers and sourcing companies
  • Boost your supplier profile in an online marketplace trusted by leading buyers
  • Get qualified with Tradegood’s value-added services in quality, social, environmental and security programs

To learn more about or join Tradegood, please visit http://www.tradegood.com

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