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Intertek's Green Leaf Mark – Recycled Content Verification

Intertek Taiwan offers Recycled PET Management System & Product Conformity Certification services, helping you verify your recycled PET products and enhance product identity and competitiveness.

Environmental concerns are growing globally.  Both consumers and governments urge on “green production” by means of carbon footprint monitoring, pollution reducing and materials recycling.  Textile industries focus on sustainable management and have developed new manufacturing process successfully -- to re-produce polyester yarn and fabric from used PET bottles and named as “recycled polyester products”.  Recycled content should not be a product declaration only; all involved sectors in manufacturing process also have to be verified.  Verification from an independent third party is helpfully to make internal brands and consumers confidently in purchase and using, it is also a guarantee to promote products in global market.       

As a global independent testing and service company, Intertek provides Green Leaf Verification program to verify contents based on scientific standard procedures from the origins of raw material, manufacturing to quality of products in whole production process, to tell recycled materials from originated one.  Furthermore, pre-consumered and post- consumered materials can be divided clearly. 
Once verification is achieved, the Certificate of Conformity of Green Leaf Mark – Recycled Content Verification can be used to educate and communicate to consumers about the recycled content attributes of your products, your environmental policies and your brand’s commitment to designing, sourcing and manufacturing eco-friendly products. It can also be used to enhance the marketability of your consumer products.


Intertek Green Leaf Mark


Intertek Green Leaf Certificate of Conformity:

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